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Cogs4Cancer 1400km cycle ride

Anna, why not cycle to the office today…from London?

Our Yacht Manager Anna Lindell was one of the 36 riders in the Cogs4Cancer cycle from London. As of October 2017, Cogs 4 Cancer achieved their goal of raising over one million dollars for cancer research!

Hill Robinson team waiting for Anna Lindell at the finish line of Cogs 4 Cancer
Hill Robinson Yacht Manager Anna Lindell cycling for cancer research: Cogs 4 Cancer
Hill Robinson yacht management team cheering on for Anna Lindell participating in Cogs4Cancer cycle from London to Antibes

What made you participate at Cogs4Cancer?

I’d taken part in a few cycle races in Sweden and France and then took part in the tribute ride 2 years ago. That’s when I thought, this is amazing that we are raising money for a very
good cause that I believe most of us can relate to in one way or another. Also I love a challenge and this will be a huge team effort for everybody involved.

How did you prepare for the ride?

I tried to cycle as much as I could whenever I had time, mostly
weekends but if I managed to get up early during the week I was able to get a few km in before 9am and perhaps a few after 6pm. I was a learning process, getting used to
being on the bike for consecutive days.

What do you enjoy most about cycling?

The endurance and nature, you see and experience so much on a bike.

Hill Robinson Yacht manager, Anna Lindell, reaches the finish line for Cogs4Cancer. Hill Robinson team cheers her on!

Could you tell us more about the set up of the ride?

Cogs4Cancer is run entirely by volunteers and driven by the yachting industry. All riders are self funded and all the money donated goes straight to charity, equally split between Cancer Research UK and local French Cancer charities.

Each rider has a sponsor, mine being Hill Robinson. This race was the longest to date, 1,400km, and took 10 days starting from the Headquarters of Cancer Research in London and ended 10 days later on the IYCA in Antibes! Each day started by 07.30 and ended around 17.00, with a lunch stop, and cycled approximately 150km per day. There is also the opportunity to join the Tribute rides, the first and the last day of the ride, for anyone with a bicycle. In order to make this all happen, there is a dedicated support team of volunteers following the ride. Without its volunteers, Cogs 4 Cancer would not be what it is today –one of the world’s leading charities dedicated to life-saving research.

And the pressure when you are cycling?

The thing that stresses me most is the traffic when riding on busy roads.

What excited you the most about Cogs4Cancer?

The whole experience! There are many ways to get involved and we were immensely proud to reach the 1 million euro target!

Donations can be made on www.justgiving.com/cogs4cancer and please visit the website www.cogs4cancer.org where you can find all the information about the ride, there are also many other opportunities to get involved.

Hill Robinson Yacht Management Anna Lindell posing by the IYCA in Antibes after cycling from London to Antibes while raising funds for cancer research through Cogs4Cancer
Hill Robinson Yacht Management team cheering and celebrating Anna Lindell for participating in Cogs4Cancer, raising one million in cancer research funds

Well done to our Marketing Manager Mariska Biesheuvel and Yacht Manager Celine Blanchardon for participating in the last 60km! 

Hill Robinson Yacht Management team at the Cogs4Cancer finish line